Sterling Silver Chain 20"
Sterling Silver Chain 20"

Sterling Silver Chain 20"


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FACTORY DIRECT:  925 Sterling Silver 20" chain about 3 mm width, generous width. Yes, this is the real thing. We sell them by one chain or in bulk for people who make their own necklace designs or for re-sale by stores etc. We deal factory direct so we can supply them at great prices.*One pc. $10..00 ea., *50 pcs. $7.00 ea., *100 pcs. $6.00 ea. Buy more, get it cheaper!

*These are RETAIL prices, if you have a store you can also buy wholesale, much cheaper! see below:


*If you have a store, or sell at fairs, craft shows etc.and want to contact us with any questions we welcome you. Min. purchase for wholesale is $100.00 you can mix and match. Please contact KEN at: