Bulk agate stone arrowheads for DIY

Bulk agate stone arrowheads for DIY


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Bulk Agate stone arrowheads for those do it yourselfers! You can make you own arrowhead necklace or keychain or whatever you like or just keep the arrowhead as a keepsake or talisman. Comes in many assorted random mixed colours and sizes. They are handmade from natural agate stone that's why they vary in different sizes. These are great sellers, you can just sell them as they are...people like to collect them! Buy Lots! You can buy them in lots of 10, lots of 50 and lots of 100...even more if you want them...just let us know!


*If you have a store, or sell at fairs, craft shows etc.and want to contact us with any questions we welcome you. Min. purchase for wholesale is $100.00 you can mix and match. Please contact KEN at:

Email: kcbrewerco@hotmail.com